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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nigella Lawson’s Marylebone High Street. She is a goddess and there is even an Iphone app for her recipes!

Self-described domestic goddess Nigella Lawson has been a household name since her first cookbook, How to Eat, came out in 1998. The British TV personality and bestselling author's latest cookbook, Nigella Christmas

1  Brora
The woman who started this shop decided to make cashmere affordable and fun, so she makes it in every colour imaginable. I’m not thin anywhere except my waist, and she makes these cropped cardigans that she wanted to discontinue, but I told her she wasn’t allowed.
81 Marylebone High St., 44-20-7224-5040, brora.co.uk
2  Divertimenti
This is a big kitchenware shop, and I always have to say after a while, “Please do not let me buy anything else.” You go in for a cake pin, and you come out with three bags full of cookbooks and beautiful copper pans.
33-34 Marylebone High St., 44-20-7935-0689, divertimenti.co.uk
3  The White Company
This bed-linens store has what’s got to be the world’s most expensive – and most comfortable – pillow. It’s Hungarian goose down and incredibly soft. I have a very bad back, and it’s helped cure that. They also have fantastic sheets and duvets. My physiotherapist asked me if I had shares in the company.
12 Marylebone High St., 44-20-7935-7879, thewhitecompany.com
4  La Fromagerie
This shop has every European cheese you can imagine, and only a few people are allowed in at a time so their body heat doesn’t make the cheese too warm. It also has the best coffee in London. It’s magical.
2-6 Moxon St., 44-20-7935-0341, lafromagerie.co.uk
5  Marylebone Farmers’ Market
Every Sunday, the Cramer Street car park stops being a car park and becomes one of the biggest farmers markets in London. It has lovely flowers and the most beautiful lights at Christmas. I don’t know how Christmas decorations can be chic, but these ones are.
Cramer St., just off St. Vincent St.

enRoute | Nigella Lawson’s Marylebone High Street

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